T3 offered me motivation, knowledge and training.
-  Great practical and professional advice
-  Very helpful when it comes to job search, resume and interview preparation
-  The instructors are very helpful, excellent, and very upbeat presenters.
Thank you, you were great and everyone received so much from your knowledge and advice.

I went to T3 Resources during a huge transitional period in my life. I was switching careers, countries and about to start my married life. I asked them for all they could do to enable me with the skills that they teach and to prepare me to find a job as quickly as possible; they did exactly this. The amount of attention and assistance I got during my short time at T3 was much more than I could have ever possibly imagined. Overall, the time I had spent at T3 was indispensable to me. The classroom experience, interview practice, homework, exams... all of this enabled me to be confident and prepared for this new career path.

T3 changed my career.
T3 helped me to change my career. Very helpful instructors. Any time they help you if you have questions about study or interview. My best part was mock interview. Sitting down with bunch of people and giving an interview was really fun and feeling like real interview. T3 helped me to build up my confidence. They help you until you find the job. Please don't miss this career opportunity and enroll today.

T3 showed me the road to success.
Through teaching, raining and grooming T3 helped me and guided me all through my journey from starting the course to getting the job. Very personalized and one to one concentration approach. Even someone without any experience in software will feel at ease in T3 classes. The instruction starts at grass root level and takes the student to the level of mastery in software testing

T3 provided me great training and helped me gain confidence on myself.
1. Professional environment.
2. Special attention on each student
3. My favorite would be Mock interviews
4. Mock Interview Calls / Meetings before and after real interviews which were really helpful. You guys are really doing a great job by helping lot of people to get trained and find job. Thank you once again!!! And keep up the great work. For students: Work hard, be patient. You are in good hands. You will succeed within 4-6 months.

T3 helped me to restart my career.
Very helpful in resume preparation, interview preparation and dealing with problems at work. Very dedicated and motivated instructors. Very approachable and they were ready to answer my questions and help me anytime. Their mock interviews helped me recognize my strengths and overcome my weaknesses.

T3 help me in showing a new direction to me career.
It helped me in channelizing my career goals and to be a successful as a test engineer. The best part of T3 are the instructors. They helped me to build up my confidence, imbibe strength in myself so that I could achieve what I am today. My suggestions to anyone who would want to enroll in T3 is believe in yourself and believe in T3, you will surely achieve in your goal.

T3 helped to improve my confidence and interview skills through mock interviews.
T3 helped me to prepare a good resume that lead to ample interview opportunities. I liked the rigorous mock interviews and resume reviews. I also liked the Homework and enjoyed QA Instructors humor in class

If you have the desire to make CAREER, T3 is the place to be.
They not only gave me the KNOWLEDGE and training par excellence, but also instilled in me the CONFIDENCE that I can do this and DO THIS WELL. I owe my testing career to them. Interview sessions are great and after a few rounds - no question is unknown. Just trust in them.

T3 resources really helped me get an understanding and what it actually is like being a great software tester. I got hands on experience and was completely prepared to enter the IT world. The instructor was an amazing teacher, he truly believes in his students and thrives on their success

The training that I received from T3 has made me successful in my career. I never thought that IT would be something for me, but a QA tester career is what I really enjoy. The QA software testing class that is offered makes you well rounded, and prepared for testing at any job that offers manual testing. The interview and resume part of the class is very helpful too, the instructor teaches you how to perform appropriately so that you can land a job. From technical knowledge to self-confidence, this class teaches it all.